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Her name was Kay Blackwell. I never knew my grandpa. He died long before I was born. Grandma told me that he had suffered a heart attack. My grandma was a very strict woman, over protected and grouchy at the most.

Are you ready to go? I grab the small bags and mom grabs the big bag, and off we go, heading to grandmas. On the way there, I sat quietly in the back seat staring out the window. Mom on the phone, I am guessing she is talking to her new boyfriend. I give her a stare of a sad face. I will not let you go stay at your dad. His lifestyle is not right. I did not say anything else for the rest of the way. When we arrived at grandma house, Grandma was waiting, sitting and reading a book. Mom parked her car, jumps out excitedly, to hug grandma.

Grandma made her way toward the car.

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Even though I did not want to, I did. I gave grandma a hug and a kiss on her cheek. The feeling inside my stomach twists and turns. My heartbeats felt as if it had tripled.

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Then I slowly walked toward the front door. The house was very big and creepy looking from outside, but nice inside. I wanted to roll my eyes, but I did not because, it makes her angry. I unpack my bags and place my shoes neatly against the wall inside the closet. Then I hear that growling sound again as usual. A very scary sound, like someone is in pain or something. Then it stops. I turned around so fast and ran down the stairway.

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Is there anything you need? Grandma did you hear that strange noise? You always hear strange noises, when you come to stay. It sounded like it was coming from the basement. Grandma laughed at me as if I were crazy or just making things up. I laugh a little. Grandma dropped a pitcher of Kool-Aid breaking the pitcher. She curses, as she quickly dropped down on her knees to clean and soak up the Kool-Aid. That she does not want me to see.

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Later that night after I ate dinner, I went up to my room to watch television. I can hear Grandma downstairs in the living area playing her oldies, and the smell of Marijuana aroma. I was curious to find out what she is hiding in that basement.

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Grandma kept checking for me to see if I were asleep. It puzzled me w hy. However, whatever down there I was soon to find o ut. I lay across my bed with a pillow under my chin, with support of my crossed arms. Then I hears it again, the horrific sounds of a crying person, sending chills throughout my body. I hid myself in the closet, holding on tightly to a baseball bat, I brought with me.

I hid in the closet until I felt safe to come out. Therefore, I changed into my pajamas and lay in the bed as if I were asleep. Grandma came into my room to say goodnight. I kept an ear out as lay in bed. Again, I hear that weird noise again. This time it sounds like a woman struggling to yell help, and I hear scuffles and a slam of a door.

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I was so scared to move an inch; I sat up in bed clinching onto the sheet. What is grandma up to? Then I hear the basement door open and slammed' and then there is silence. I built up enough nerves to go check what is going on downstairs.

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First, I checked in Grandma Room and she was not there. Therefore, I creep cautiously down the stairs. I looked around a bit throughout the house. I went into the kitchen and I could see, splattering of bloodstains on the floor and wall. My heart pounds faster and much harder against my chest.

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I slowly walked over to the table as my grandma got my diaper ready, "O. I got up on the table and laid down, "Well let me see" she said "most of the time little boys get grumpy it is cause they can't poop," She said as she looked under the table. She pushed my legs up to my head raising my bottom into the air, I then felt her put the white thing in my bottom.

What you need for Find an inmate in a Massachusetts prison You will need to provide the inmate's full first and last name or their commitment number. Be advised, website is not run by the Department of Correction and any questions should be directed to VINELink support. m Followers, 3, Following, 9, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Dabbing Granny (@dabbing_granny). Find funny grandma stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day.

She then put the diaper under me and took a scoop of Vaseline and rubbed it into my bottom, she put powder on my bottom then put my legs down and apart. She took another good scoop of Vaseline and worked it into my groin, she powdered me then pulled the diaper in tight in my crotch and pinned it in place with duck pins. She then put her hands into the leg holes of the rubber pants, and pulled my feet into them.

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She then told me to sit up and she put a blue T-shirt on me, she also put a pacifier around my neck. I did and asked "why are you dressing us like this?

We went down to the kitchen there me and Ryan saw two large high chairs, "O.

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He walked over to a waiting high chair and got into it, I watched as grandma put the seat belt on him, she then lowered the tray, and locked it down.

She took a bib from a drawer by the high chairs and put it on him.

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I walked over to the high chair "what is to eat" I asked. She then turned me to the high chair "Now get in your chair potty pants" she said, she gave my bottom a light slap. I got up in my high chair and I too was buckled in, the tray was lowered, and a bib put on me. Grandma went to work making our meal, it was then that I felt the need to poop. I started to move around in the high chair, I pushed on it to get out but it was no use.

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I tried to hold it but it was no good, I soon felt the poop pushing its way out. Soon I was sitting in a pile of poop, "well well well it smells like Tyler's poopy pill worked" she said. About ten minutes later she turned from the stove with our meals. She put the mac and cheese on our trays, "eat up" she told us. She then gave us both sippy cups of milk, me and Ryan ate slowly I think we were both shocked. After dinner we were taken up to the nursery I was changed, Ryan didn't need his diaper changed.

Grandma let us watch a movie then we were both put in thick diapers and T-shirts for bed, grandma then told us a story and told us to get some sleep. As I lay there I thought to myself, I now had my answers to my questions about dad and grandma. As the morning dawned, I woke to find I couldn't get out of the crib on my own.

comfort! Bravo

Grandma took us both to the bath room were she gave, yes gave us both baths. We then were taken to the nursery, grandma rubbed baby lotion on both of us. We were again diapered in thick diapers, but this time we were both dressed in onesies.

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Mine was a blue one with dump trucks on it, Ryan's was green with planes. We were both placed into a large play pin grandma had in her office. Me and Ryan spend most of the day playing in the play pin, we were given lunch at noon, nap time was from one till three.

Dinner was at five and bed time at eight.

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Well we spend the rest of the summer being treated as if we were toddlers. Soon the day came that mom and dad would be home, that night I lay in my crib and thought soon I would be out of this mess. That morning as the sun danced across the walls I woke up to my grandma, "Boys, Boys, get up, I have some great news" she told us. I opened my eyes and sat up in my crib hoping to see my mom and dad, "Your dad just got a call this morning as they were leaving Asia," she said.

I was totally bummed out "But what about mom," I asked. I have been getting better at keeping my diapers dry at night, grandma said if I keep it up I might be in training pants by the time mom and dad get back.

I just hope I'm out of diapers by The End. By Tiny Tony.

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