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Excited too pac fuck jay z excited

2Pac Vs. JAY-Z - Full Battle [Beef Analysis]

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Very suggestive. I have found that most artist get worse with fame. Rihanna tried to get the money back and only wanted to give them a couple of dollars. The funny thing was that Rihanna had money to give and her true colors came out. There is a good chance that he is alive. No one gets cremated during a murder investigation. Las Vegas is a corrupt town and most likely home to member Illuminati.

Look atso many questions little answers. The gold was to keep that retard Bush in office by creating a mess like After that happen people were down with Bush because they wanted someone to get a royal azz whipping. Back to Tupac - I believe the brother is still alive and people should just leave him alone. If he wants to resurface he will. Have some respect. I saw autopsy photos years ago. The tattoos appeared to authentic. All of those who appreciated this man so much would love to see him back in the sceneToday, music s cks pardon I am so disappointed with the entertainment world these days.

I pray for better artists and more meaningful songs. You are absolutely rightThey are merely using these artists like puppets and they are too dumb to see it. All the initiations that these artists have been putting themselves throughKanye West, Chris Brown, Michael Jacksonis it worth it?

At least, ive seen documetries but by far was this the most revealing. It all makes alot of sense, I have read that bionce is actually a practicing witch. The illuminati bump off any one that turns on them or get in their way. They also are famous for accusing you falsely and even putting you in prison for years before they get rid of you permantly.

Jesus said it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to get into heaven. If you want to be influential in any way in any career you are in danger of being pulled in ruined or killed.

The ones that are not in on it up to their ballsacks in it keep their mouths shut. Even pastors in most Christian churches today. Beware of pastors quoting romens. Fema Camp pastors. Shame on them.

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No, not at all completely true. Look at Mariah Carey I question her actions sometimes. Mary J. She created that song to get at the industry about the exploitation of females in the industry.

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You really must check it out. Keep her in your prayers as she continues to let money rule her very being. Hopefully the LORD, and in time, you will know. Beyonce is wearing a top that has motor cycle handles and it has the goat head on the front with fire around it. Beyonce is a person who is a devil worshiper and she is all in with the little symbols that is why she wears the little outfit i was talkn bout in the beginning.

NO, Bey is not the best out there. Bey is being forced down our throats. There are other talents but as long as certain people are running the industry, she will be number one among the black singers out there. She always collaberates with her competition. Smart move on her part. The industry is a dirty business. That is just rude and not necessary. Why reduce yourself to name calling?

There were so many change overs in the group. It seemed that if someone was just as pretty or talented, got booted. Kelly is very talented in her own right, but her music is going nowhere. She is being pimped by her own husband. Within the group she always had the flashiest out fits and if you go through her past sessions with her group, she always tried to out sing them. I just hope that in time she will slow down and look within herself and discover what actually got her where she is today.

Sadly, you are beginning to see more and more wardrobe malfunctions, some I think are on purpose since she got that boob job. She has reduced herself to the point of no return, or until something tragic happens. We hope that she will get a grip on her life with GOD and within herself. She has been given songs by other artists and was blessed to be chosen by them to get to sing their songs. A lot of the time, she took the credit for all the songs she has sung on her albums till she was called out.

She has become like the rest of themsell outs. Well, he had to take the rap. It was all set up. According to some reports, her little nephew was brutalized in a way that suggested extreme rage and hate.

It fits, IMO. Just sayin. Religion is invented by man and can be passed off to suit their needs. By following that walk that JESUS took, that sinless man that died a horrid death for us, we can be in eternity with GODSimply accepting is not enough, but baptism is necessary because Jesus did itand he was sinless.

The Bible is not a difficult book. The more you read, the more is revealed. These people that seek to destroy man and offer things that are not even theirs to offer are leading, for the most part, our youth to hell.

Aug 14,   Jay Z Had A Diss Reply Ready For Tupac In He Even Performed It. it is in fact a distorted voice of 'Pac from "Fuck Friendz" that says, "fuck Jay Z." Elements of Tupac's. 2Pac odiaba a Jay Z, de eso no hay ultimos anos de vida de Tupac Shakur estuvieron llenos de ofensas por el beef entre la Costa Oeste y la Costa Este. "Pac" no tenia amor para los raperos de Nueva York que hablaran mal de California o los que se alinearan con sus enemigos. Mar 27,   "Friends" (a.k.a Fuck Friendz) was one of the tracks originally recorded for the Makaveli album and features the infamous "fuck Jay-Z." The original track was produced by .

They are very influential and innocent. This is in response to your post about Beyonce using her alter as an excuse to act less than a lady. I saw two pictures last year on a blog.

One was of the paps getting a crotch shot not nude of Rhianna and the other one was of Beyonce. She was wearing gray panties. I think Rhianna was getting in to a car there was a remark about cellulite and Beyonce was getting out of a car. I was disappointed but her change has been going on for a while now. At the time, I remember thinking that Jay-Z was pimping out these two women for publicity since it was also mentioned on the blog different day that the rest of his concert dates were cancelled in England.?

Seen your comment on my blog :I have to say nice read :D. I believe he was talking about his partner neal, and then he went on to say that neal never once asked him what was wrong, or even showed concern. My ex told me that his exgirlfriend had an aunt who was super brilliant, i think a scientist that graduated from UC Berkeley, she took a job with the governement, came home three years later, and was mentally gone.

Seriously beyonce is okay. She and that murder inc. I was 24 years old when Aaliyah died I remember when she first came out, she was never crowned the Princess of Hip Hop, but she still was a gifted young woman and Ashanti was in the music industry before her album even came out. Beyonce and Ashanti are blessed because of God.

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The machine behind beyonce is what got her to the top, and poor ashanti is on the edge of the cliff. Quite frankly i dont trust anybody anymore. Its ridiculous, should i start treating everyone like they could possibly be the anti christ? Like you said there are plenty of people who still live like its the sixties and you have to think, the black population doesnt even make up half of this country, then look at all the blacks in jail, a vast third of our black population is in prison white people make up the majority of america so how did obama even get elected?

Most of the ellite are republicans and little do we know, they are the ones who really count. Citizen votes dont matter, Electoral college votes matter. So are you telling me we have absolutely no predujide, intelligent people who could pursuade the weak minded to vote for McCain?

I think this is a conspiracy. Even 15 year olds know that Obama should have been assasinated by now or there at least should have been attempt assasinations. Im not saying Obama should be killed, im just saying this isnt consistent in american history, an african president? I know obama is one of the traitorsive known that from the beginningBUT to use the assasination phrase on obama is unfair.

Its much more respectable for you to be blunt and say that it makes you mad to see a black man as president because at least then even if I didnt neccessarily agree with your views, I could somewhat respect your point of view and honesty. Ignorant people irritate me. Get used to it.

Obama is here to stay. You forget the mess that was created by Bush and Cheney. Both of them raped this country blind then reaped the financial benefits. It takes time to clean house. Bush and Cheney destroyed relationships with high profile people from others countries. Obama has to resecure those relationships. America is just as corrupt as the next country, there are just too many distraction for you to realize all of the shenanigans that are right in front of your face.

Bush to me was proof that there is a puppetmaster when it comes to important positions in this society today. I think the comment about Obama being assasinated wasnt to reflect that person being racist per say, rather than the perception that we just got out of a presidential legacy of black and blue and no collar people during this and other presidencies being left in the dark, and dummed down on alot of basic issues that we deal with everyday.

I do appreciate Obama for what he is trying to do, but to me it feels like a setup for something major down the road. Females that sell out to the industry quickly find out that they are replaceable and forgotten. I think she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ashanti was not as talented as Aaliyah, of course that is my opinion. Time will tell. But, blogs containing topics like this is waking people up. It needs to happen or all of our liberties the ones we have leftwill be completely crushed. And the rest of the world as well. Again I commend you on your research and please continue for their is plenty to learn and you will find that tha truth has always been there.

It is just that they persecute those and we have allowed it with the acumen to look behind the curtain. Email me if you have any questions or would like reference on places to look, I have a large archive of information on this and other topics relating to history and government corruption stretching back well into times BC up to the present. I have been questioning alot of different cts of life lately, and thus sparked my interest in the truth.

I have a very aware background being that my family consists of baptist, Lutheran, jehovahs whitnesses, and seventh day Adventist. I also have a good friend that was brought up on Islamic practice so my knowledge is more extensive then christianity alone. Could you send me more info on government corruption. The real question is what are we going to do about it? I love it when someone is defensive. It says that people are thinking and giving their opinions.

GOD bless you, Lady! Brainwashed people have masters who make them perform what they the masters and their bosses want them the brainwashed to perform. This is this simple. Usually these artists are severely brainwashed or even substituted with a doppelganger. Look at Nicole Kidman, John Travolta or well, whichever celebrity you want.

Amen sisterthis is about the youth and the next generationand we are responsible for them. I know the answer so let me give it to you. In fact, they use it to perpetrate and perpetuate their goals of world dominion of all of us. It is backed by nothing but our blood, sweat and tears.

So, stop glorifying it as if it is some blessing from some higher power outside yourself. What you say is the truth. People are like sheep, they follow whomever is leading no matter what the fate. First of, you have to believe that the Bible is true, or what I have to say will mean nothing to you. Everyone who has read this has heard and there will be no way out for those who ignore HIS warnings.

IT is what you do with it after you have read this and totally up to you if you want to do it. It is definitely worth investigating. Sadly, I think we are in the midst of something bigger and far more scarier.

Regarding Beyonce, she and her family are members of the Masons as well as practice witchraft. Harder than India. Jill Scott? Beyonce has literally sold her soul to the devil. That has to sting. And I watched the clip of him on Oprah about all the men, especially black men dressing up as black, obnoxious women and he made a good point.

I never found that humor to be funny, and it wreaks of disrespect. So foul. So true Dirtygurl. IF our young men keep seeing this as a way to success, I fear that this feel that they have to take effeminate roles to succeedNot so, look at Denzel and Morgan Freeman.

Dirtygurl, you got that right. I see the way the emasculate most black men. The schtick is old.

Pac fuck jay z

Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for sharing. I will definitely be coming back to your posts. Well, too bad its all ready been proven that the Tupac looking guy is quite the fake. When you see dude from the front he actually looks like he is Dominican or Hispanic or something.

So does that make the rest of this post bullshit too? So straight men are the only ones with sense? Who is carrying the brains around here? Really this illuminati thing is going to far, and again Tupac is dead, it really ruined your whole approach. I completely agree, if you go on youtube, there is a guy that posts 5 videos just picking on the crazy in love video, saying beyonce has been possessed with a devil called Sasha Fierce and how sasha fierce was born in that same video.

This is all bullshit! If its so serious as you make it out, why is it that the news havent warned us. Beyonce worked really hard to be where she is, she wasnt offered fame or money to be apart of any religion. I feel sorry for you dude.

could not mistaken?

I take it you have some sort of access to the net seeing as you posted and would suggest you look into this shit deeply. Actually, Flilipe, Jay Z orchestrated that video to mean exactly what it was meant to mean. Another good girl going bad. The next scene is the promise of bright lights and flash bulbs going off while she poses.

Apr 30,   Jay-z is, Kanye rihanna britney, madonna, all of these high ride super stars are illuminati slaves. Jay-z is a Freemason, he does the masonic handshake to Kanye, he does the pyramid he and kanye and hold it to their eyes, read and educate ur friends research, all of this is connects to the Nwo the new world order. Apr 23,   The Jay-Z vs. Nas beef was a gladiatorial battle between two rap titans. For almost a decade, two of rap's most decorated emcees went at each other's throat. They started off with subliminal jabs and moved up to body shots. fuck Jay-Z he broke and I smoke dearly (C'mon y'all) baby lets be friends lets be friends (where my niggaz at c'mon) you ain't gotta by my man at all as long as you just give me your friends (all my niggaz c'mon) while you trickin' on them other hoes lets be friends (where the bitches that want a nigga with money, where you at baby?) (hu, huh.

Then she is blown up in a car this is the old Beyonce. She comes on the scene in diamonds and furs posing in front of Jay Z, who has burned up the old Beyonce. In the last scene she is doing the UH OH dance with other little admirers dancing around her. Ever since then, Beyonce has been dancing pretty seductively and she shows a lot more when she performs. She has even added the stripper pole to her act. One should never have to compromise themselves to be famous.

Dignity has a high price tag. At the end of the day is it worth it? This group was created with Beyonce in mind.

Setups like this have been happening for years in the industry. From Diana Ross to any other girl group, you always have one that outshined the rest. Gag orders placed on the young ladies that were fired from the group.

Beyonce was groomed to be solo. You truly have to approach this with an open mind, lovingly. None of us have the right to judge but to accept it as it is teaching their younger targets that GOD is truly the way. We uphold people like Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Gaga, as success stories. To those who think this is nonsense, at least you have a starting point. It gives you a chance to explore and choose for yourselves what is happening within the music industry, government, schools, etc.

GOD has not left us yet.

Tupac spilled ALL the tea on his relationships with Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Nas, Lil Kim, and surprisingly Wendy Williams! Who knew they had beef?! He not only shaded Diddy for "remain[ing. Watch Jay Z porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Jay Z scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in . Stream RETRO HIP-HOP BLENDS 3 Mixtape by 2Pac, Biggie, Jay Z Etc. Hosted by fuck a.

When this is all over, and it will be someday, we will have to face GOD. ON that note, please keep the discussion open. We are just skimming the surface. She has sold and compromised that sweet innocent facade only to show her true colors. They just want your money and timeStay blind to that which is going to destroy you, and leave you hanging when the truth comes out. That is the beauty of it all. Beyonce fans are not brainless, they are helpless.

It starts with us. We must not allow it. Someone has to care. I am so proud she made a stand. Yes, the illuminati has gone too far. We are starting to wake up. I predict that in a few months, we will have far more people on this page wanting answers and making comments. This is the beginning of the end of unawareness. For those who care for the youth, we should never give up.

Yeah Alicia Keys used to be like Lauryn Hill, she used to have soul. The difference is that L-Boogie saw the evil and corruption and fakeness of the industry so she totally left and lives in Jamaica. Keys on the other hand saw that this soul shit aint gonna take her anywhere in this industry. As for Tupac, I have another theory: I do not believe he is alive, the photo could have been photoshoped or it could have simply been someone who looks very much like him, a lot of people have look alikes.

He was for revolution all the way, thus he was killed. So my assumption is the Illuminati eliminated him as he became a threat to their agenda. I am not sure what to make of it all, I came across all this stuff in the past week or so. My theory is, the richer and famous the artist, the bigger chance they are consciously involved with the Illuminati. So a fresh, newbie artist may not even be aware of what exactly they are getting into.

Can I Get A...w/ lyrics

Or, they may never become aware. They are merely the puppets controlled by those in power. On that note I find it weird why beyonce would publicly claim that she wrote all her songs, yet people who bought the CD say that on almost every single track there was either a co-writer, or a group of co-writers, or that the writers were someone completely different on some songs and her name is not amongst them.

All I can say is that I am a Muslim woman, and I can definitely see some things happening that were predicted over years ago, which is not the only reason of course I believe in God, and consequently, the existence of Satan. As such, I do not even listen to music as I believe all music which uses musical instruments and through which money is made is the instrument of Satan himself, and I definitely see that even moreso with the current music industry, assuming that what I was informed of during the past week is true.

I wish more people become aware of this. First of all, do you really think an artist likeoh I dont know, celiene dion is in on some shit like that?

valuable phrase What

What does god have to do with that? That has no corelation with god. I am agnostic myself, because I cannot say whether there is a god or not for sure, just like you cant, nor can anyone else, including the pope or your religious leader.

Nobody knows until we die, and then, they are dead so it will be impossible for any living being to determine whether there is a godor satan for that matter. This person has said nothing wrong, just stick to the topic and shut up. People spend hours everyday listening to music and singing their way out. Of course singing, especially females, has such an angelic voice that lures people in. I may get not everyone in this world is weak and pathetic, but music itself from first hand accounts, and from other people do all these things:.

Might they also cause a huge neighborhood distraction by blasting music out their cars too. Therefore, people pirate. And I am pretty sure most righteous people feel that piracy should not be tolerated. Imagine how much you would be charged if you were caught downloading those favorite songs you devoted to your life, then devote your life paying that debt.

Unless you have extremely expensive, purely awesome Bose headphones that when you blast music in your ear and no one on a bus hears it, then go ahead. Then it just makes all those naive young girls want to strip their clothes off and dance like monkeys on stage to get their 15 minute of fame. I also recall many Catholic nuns in convents do not listen to music either; I could be wrong.

If you dislike Muslims that much because they do not listen to music, you should get a life and worry about something more important. I am pretty sure most Muslims in America cannot avoid music fully anyway, they are bound to hear it at work, in school, outside, tv, etc.

So quit being such a douche. Wow, that was a mindless comment. When you die, you awake into a spiritual world. We are immortal at this point. We will meet again and you will remember this day. To abolish all music would be wrong. GOD is the orchestra of good music. Music, in essence was created to praise GOD. One day, GOD will place praises back in heaven where it belongs.

opinion you are

IF we can get through this level of life, spending eternity with GOD, that is all we will be doing. Our Creator gave us that choice. I used to doubt wether she would become involved with illuminati because she makes out as if she is a devoted christian. I guess, the more that we give relevance to such things, the more real it becomes.

We may need to stop giving them so much credit for orchestrating this phenomena. We are much wiser than they and we can beat them. I dont even have words for this one seriously?

There is NO evidence of any of those statements and the theories are not even compelling. There is a demon speaking through you!

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These are not your words, these are not your styles, these are not your beats. You are just a vessel through which Satan can get across his message. He is using you, and your supposed genius is nothing more than the demonic rantings of a fallen spirit being. Oh man, I just had a good laugh at that one. Where is any proof of this? Give me proof buddy. Where is the devil? Where is god for that matter?

Dont belittle people because there is no proof. There is no proof of anything you just have to believe what you want. I believe that jay z, beyonce, eminem plus many more are apart of the illuminati and that disney stars have been mind controlled since children. You Dave are a lemming. Good luck! Without HIM, we say stupid things like this and have a dark future ahead of them. THIS is all the tlhanks that Jesus gets for giving his life for us. How this must sadden GOD. When the day of reckoning comes, I hope you will have changed.

Satan was casted out of having because he thought he was over god. God casted him out of heaven. Soooo therefore satan is a falling angel. God put me on this earth to speak the word nd im gone speak to the word till im old nd gray child-of-god i thank you so much u have truly inspired me to do more research on this illiminati.

Im 14 years old and me n my fellow classmates talk about this almost everyday when ever we can we know where not suppose to talk about religion becaue it could make other classmates affended but we at a ypung age should know these things i feel smart that i can answer questions like this at such a young age dave the name calling really isnt called for this site is based on opinions not name callin everyone has there own opinion.

To Jamaria Vaughn, if there is anything I can do to help you in your search for eternal life with GOD, let me knowThe illumanati is not ever more powerful than youYou have the control and the power to be bigger and better.

Yea Illuminati are strong but the situation is not hopeless. Ive been reading the posts and stuff and ive been thinking about all the stuff people have said about beyonce being far too famous etc does that mean michael jackson has something to do with a conspiracy, i mean no one gets bigger than michael jackson. Entertainers r used by illuminati so we can follow and b blinded buy the evilness, they accept cause they want to get rich quick, as well as famous, 2pac ddnt want in, mj wanted out.

Mj was gonna release the biggest worst ket secret, this is it. Jay Z was rappin in He got lucky in when someone decided a track he had was decent. Learn your rap before mumbling garbage on the internet. I am praying for you. IF you are a man of color, have some respect for us. IF you are white, respect us. You may not have many years ago and that is partly our fault because we let you get away with your ignorance, but this is a new day and we have had enough.

Respect me as I am respecting you. Ignorance is still alive and well in dummy town. Jimmy, some get lucky sooner than others. NiGGA to you. Michael tried to warn us all about it.

I urge you to read it and listen carefully. Keep your mind open and be prayerful. Hey ur right on itbut I have to say, once u believe in God u must believe in the devil, Y? You r soo right and im glad u can see it, Mj was also wanted out the illuminati he as old as a child to the devil by his father. This is it was gonna reveal the biggest worst kept secret of all time, Mj got silence, 2pac was also against the illuminati.

Ur right about Jayz he is a freemason he does the masonic hand shake, the illuminati has diferent sections u serve, Mj used the baphomet signs. They want to get rich quick is y. The beast with the 7 heads is the 7 government world heads, the 10 horns, r the 10 countries recently chosen, the mark of the beast is the chip the new world order will put in place :S we need to educate ppl let them see, the media is blinding them, twisting stories, Michael Jackson death i hope he is really dead and not being help captive against his will being tortured.

MJ is Alive and well. Mj is the biggest celeb can touch the whole worldanyways, in his early yrs of stardom the thriller and those, lyrics and sounds were evil, in the vids check closely u will see all the delish symbolism, Quincy Jones is devilish too he puts alot of these symbolism in the vids and hidden secets in songs, as Mj started to see and wanted fight this, u wud see a change in his songs, heal the world, we are the world etc, noooo illuminati doesnt want that, they prefer the songs that corrupt our minds.

Jermain Mj bro had mention the father wud take Mj late at nights to meeting with important ppl, when he came back will be sick for days.

Jay-z isKanye rihanna britney, madonna, all of these high ride super stars are illuminati slaves. Jay-z is a Freemason, he does the masonic handshake to Kanye, he does the pyramid he and kanye and hold it to their eyes, read and educate ur friends research, all of this is connects to the Nwo the new world order. Mj Death was use to shut him up, also to distract something, all the media was focus on his death while something under hand was passed, the bill, no1 knows what the bill is, something huge gonna happen in the future, now the media is everyday with something about Mj to twist us from seeing the truth and other things.

quite good

The Sony mogul Tommy Mottola mariah carey ex-hubby, Mj exposed him in and illuminati warmed Mj once again with the molestation. Mj exposed at a conference, Tommy Motolla is a devil, he even exposed some the stuff he did to mariah and ended that he is very very devilish, this is it tour, was to reveal the biggest, worst kept secret,btw Mj int no way near broke as they want us believe, Mottola and Sony own him millions that another reason he exposed him and Mottola left sony after that and now running cassablanca, Sony is one the giants in the industry.

All im tryna say ppl need to wake up and see they wanna control us, the beast from the bible with the 7 heads is actually the 7 government heads, the 10 horns the 10 countries recently chosen. The mark of the beast a chip the Nwo will put in place. This thing is real, we have to stop being blinded, here are some videos to help u understand, illuminati ud b soo surprise huh.

I think there was a conspiracy to murder Tupac and it is highly suspicious there have been NO leads in all these years. I think not. How is it that the woman who openly despises rappers has one on her show? I can only wonder what will be said on that upcoming show. I heard many about this. Since I didnt get it very well.

Can u people help me understand this better? I think Aaliyah is part of them, look at her logo. WHy would they sacrifice her? For someone like damon dash? Is this a reason why media teasing and making jokes about MJ for a years? Coz he want to walk out? Did you think the molestation charges were also staged to torn him down?

think, that you

I have a theory Let me know the truth if my theory are wrong. I think everyone who become a slve puppet for them, sooner or later will show up their insanity. Like britney, milley, lindsay lohan. Icons of hip hop: an encyclopedia of the movement, music, and culture. Heos, Bridget The Rosen Publishing Group. Jenkins, Sacha January Jenkins, Sacha; Wilson, Elliot Ego trip's book of rap lists. Jones, Steve; Jenson, Joli Afterlife as afterimage: understanding posthumous fame. Knight, Machael Why I Am a Five Percenter.

Jeremy P. Tarcher Inc. Kool Moe Dee; Chuck D. There's a god on the mic: the true 50 greatest MCs. Thunder's Mouth Press. Lang, Holly The Notorious B. McAdams, Janine June 29, Billboard Magazine. Nielsen Business Media, Inc. McCarthy, Cameron Sound identities: popular music and the cultural politics of education. McClairne, Denard Tupac and Elvis: Inevitably Restless. Trafford Publishing. Mills, Clifford W. Infobase Publishing. Reeves, Marcus Somebody Scream!

Reynolds, J. June 8, Just ask 2Pac". Ro, Ronin Bad boy: the influence of Sean "Puffy" Combs on the music industry. Simon and Schuster. Sandy, Candace; Daniels, Dawn Marie Saxon, Shani October Scott, Cathy The Killing of Tupac Shakur. Huntington Press. The Murder of Biggie Smalls. Strong, Martin Charles The great rock discography. Canongate U. The essential rock discography.

Open City Books. Discography Songs Awards and nominations Death. The Rose That Grew from Concrete. Holler If Ya Hear Me. Yaki Kadafi Kastro Napoleon E. City of Lies. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lyrics submitted by barnettzbaby. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals.

Artists - J.

2Pac - Fuck Friendz Lyrics

Read More Edit Wiki. You ready B? Let's go get 'em. Young, B Cruisin down the westside - high, way Doing what we like to do - our, way Eyes behind shades, this necklace the reason all of my dates been blind dates But today, I got my thoroughest girl wit me I'm mashin the gas, she's grabbin the wheel, it's true to the heart She rides with me - the new Bobby and Whitney Only time we don't speak is during "Sex and the City" She gets Carrie fever, but soon as the show is over She's right back to being my soldier Cuz mami's a rider, and I'm a roller Put us together, how they gon' stop both us?

What ever she lacks, I'm right over her shoulder When I'm off track mami is keepin me focused So let's, lock this down like it's supposed to be The '03 Bonnie and Clyde, Hov' and B [Chorus] [Jay] All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend. Yeah-hee break it down for 'em Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be And so I put this on my life Nobody or nothing will ever come between us And I promise I'll give my life and all of my trust if you was my boyfriend Put this on my life The air that I breathe in, all that I believe in I promise I'll give my life and all of my trust if you was my boyfriend [Chorus] Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

Beyonce song meanings. Add your thoughts 17 Comments. General Comment the original sone by 2pac was indeed a metaphor for a gun, not jay-z.

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