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The same pat on the ass commit error


Ah, Opening Day! Fresh-cut grass. Vendors hawking peanuts and beer. At first blush, it seems strange that the hetero bros of Major League Baseball congratulate each with a loving but totally not gay pat on the ass, but such is life in the wonderful world of baseball. The practice is so ingrained in the sport and in sports, in general that most players participate in it unwittingly.

They give and receive ass pats without any acknowledgement of the underlying implications. Almost instantly, the high five became a phenomenon as an expression of raw, unbridled enthusiasm. In a strange and depressing twist indicative of the time period, Burke was later shipped from the team for being gay, despite being beloved by his teammates and the life of the Dodgers clubhouse. Yet the Newspapers.

Induring their World Series championship run, the Chicago Cubs simultaneously subverted and elevated the homosocial butt-slapping ritual by trading it out for the dick bump. That the Cubs players felt comfortable slapping cocks speaks to the counterintuitive rules governing masculinity in sports.

But in the sporting context, men are allowed to cry. A possible explanation is basketball, baseball and football are so masculine they transcend homosexuality; guys can do seemingly gay stuff to each other without it being gay. It qualifies as harassment. But "assault" it is not. Jeremy Irons has kindly stepped in to the breach to remind us it is, after all, the silly season, rather than some yob apocalypse. In an interview with the Radio Times, the year-old actor has sportively declared that "any woman worth her salt" should be able to take a pat on the bottom with good humour.

Such a gesture, he maintains, is nothing more than a chap indulging in "communication". Quite so. And what it communicates is the message: "I am a tragic, soon-to-be pensioner having a belated mid-life crisis.

Still, given that Irons is currently gracing our screens as Rodrigo Borgia, the dissolute 15th-century pope, we should be grateful he is restricting his excesses to the occasional bout of cheek-cupping rather than, say, keeping orgasmic score at a chestnut-fuelled orgy. Over the years, Irons has gained a bit of a reputation for provocative behaviour and pronouncements. Patricia's not the only one. Irons has also been photographed clutching Sienna Miller's hip, while gazing mistily into her cleavage see above.

Happily for Miller, she didn't turn her back on him. Still, the actor is by no means alone in his penchant for the female backside. Handsome haunches have long been something of a British fixation. No saucy seaside postcard is complete without a rump as ripe as a female baboon's, just as no Carry On movie was deemed a hoot without a flash of Windsorian flesh.

It was not the bride's fetishistic triangular bosom that captured Blighty's imagination during the recent Royal wedding, but her sister's peachy derriere. As rioting fills the news, remember that the bottom-brandishing streaker, rather than the looter, is the more customary, er, face, of the long, hot summer revolt.

The Greeks had a word for a buttock fixation - or, rather, 18th-century Britons decided that the Greeks had a word for it. The adjective was derived from the statue of the Venus Kallipygos, in which a partially draped beauty raises her robes, glancing behind her to assess the perfection of her assets.

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This sculpture was believed to be inspired by the tale of two Syracusian sisters whose unsisterly rivalry over their impeccably shapely hinds won them moneyed matches.

The remaining Miss Middleton, take note. But whatever the term, a chap cannot go about man-on-woman handling. This behaviour may be acceptable in thespian environs as a camp affectation.

In the real world, though, it is regarded less as "communication" than sexual assault. Where debs once said a suitor was NSIT "not safe in taxis"their great-granddaughters declare "lawsuit". Less elaborate strategies to deal with men of Iron's ilk vary. As a bullish ally who battled through workplaces awash with such Mad Men tactics breezes: "I'd have cupped the swines' testicles, only they'd have enjoyed it.

I concur with a woman who regularly risked the Tokyo metro, where gropers would skulk safe in the rush-hour scrum: zero tolerance, name and shame. Grasp said paw and thrust it into the air while crying in ringing tones: "This man just molested me. Maulers soon slither away. Nobody seems to have read the article at R The woman is a past political and possibly future rival for the mayor's office.

This party was professional engagement. He made sexual innuendo prior to this by saying she should have been on vacation with him because his wife wasn't there in FL. They were posing for a picture she alleges that he grabbed her ass. The picture in question is in the article. Ford looks lit and has a huge stain on the front of his shirt.

Unfortunately that really isn't unique. It could be Tuesday morning and not a party night. Rob Ford is a hog. Ford was with her hubby in Florida.

Even worse. He might have been trying to get her there under subterfuge for a threesome. Per DL Mrs. Ford is reputed to be a closeted dyke, no? No, what the hell is wrong with YOU, R21?

Sep 26,   A pat on the ass is what straight coaches give their straight players. It's what parents give their children. It's the very definition of [italic]non-sexual[/italic]. ?? A Pat On The Ass - PornHat Pamela Morrison is happy to show up and show off her body for all you team skeeters out there. And boy are we lucky to experience this sexy teen up close and personal. She turns around to flaunt her bodacious ass and gives it a few pats . XVIDEOS Pamela Morrison In A Pat On The Ass free.

There is no reason AT ALL for anyone to be touching the body parts of people they are not in a relationship with or related to family. If you don't know that by now, you must be very young and have never held a real job, or very old and are living in some throwback "Mad Men" fantasy. R22 is correct, a pat on the ass is sexual harassment, not assault.

If your boss does it he won't get arrested he would for "assault" but he will get a warning from HR. If he does it again, he'll get fired. If it is a family member triple damages are expected. I am not a fan of Rob Ford at all, I can't wait until the next election to give him the boot, but I call B.

Thompson iis erratic and was at best a fringe candidate for mayor. At the same event, after the alleged incident took place, she told two other people about it and said she was going to go back to Ford and try and get him to repeat what he did only this time for the cameras so she'd have a photo to use in her next campaign. According to the article linked at r15, it wasn't a pat, it was a grab, and in any case, she never called it sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual anything.

She merely said it was inappropriate, which is true. The sexual assault part came from the shit-stirring OP. The point was that Ford made a lewd remark to Thompson, not that the lewd remark was factual. No one's suggesting Ford's proposition to Thompson was serious, so it doesn't matter whether his wife was actually on the vacation. R39 do you want me to continue to find more articles referring to this incident as 'sexual assault'? As to the question of who's shit-stirring, yeah, it is shit-stirring to write, "woman in Canada cries sexual assault," when, in fact, she did not.

It is especially shit-stirring to say that here on DL where getting the nelly queens worked up about the perceived evils of women is about as difficult as getting sharks worked up about the scent of blood. The articles you've linked so far seem to be a mixed bag. Those that simply explain why THEY characterize Ford's action as sexual assault are fine, though I don't particularly agree with them. Is it pretty much an open secret in Toronto that Ford is a drug and alcohol abuser?

Just by looking at him, I expect him to keel over at any moment. He's got Chris Christie's heft and other issues R4 has said it all. This was uncalled for and uclubciclistacullera.comofessional at the very least. Now look at R5's photo and tell me you wouldn't be pissed too if that sweaty red ox grabbed at you. Anyone who doesn't think that an adult man in a professional setting needs to keep his hands to himself has some major issues. Also, thank you for quoting old Nosferatu horny goat Jeremy Irons; we should definitely use the deluded clown to tell women how they need to feel about unwanted physical contact.

That is non-consensual touch and it is a form of dominance assertion to disregard someone's right to determine how, when, or where they are touched.

As individuals in the work place, or in a public setting, it is a basic human right to be treated with dignity and respect. This is a basic human right anywhere, actually, but in a public setting, it is a tacit agreement of society that we do not treat each other disrespectfully or in ways that make one another uncomfortable.

Inappropriate touch is comparable to dogs mounting other dogs, it is not as much a sexual gesture as it is a gesture of dominance. So anyone who thinks this is about a simple love pat is sorely mistaken about how human beings operate. Shit is obviously pretty fucked up in the mayor's office in Toronto, and the more this is passed off and brushed under the rug, the more it is allowed and condoned and the unspoken subtext of issues like this is that we still, whether subconsciously or consciously, believe that certain groups of people are second class citizens.

If you think as a male homosexual that women's issues are not your issues, you are also saying the same thing. It's Orwell's Animal Farm all over again, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others". Sarah Thomson promptly hit back, saying Mr. The announcer v. If you want to harrass, be attractive.

Don't be un-attractive. Most women don't wanna be grabbed be either without their consent.


Plus, Ford is well known to get nasty when he's drunk. He told a woman to "go get raped in Iraq" when her husband asked him to keep it down at a Leafs game. And the cops have been called to his house for a number of domestic calls. The dude's a bully and a mean drunk.

Rob Ford is a pig.

mistaken. consider

Pigs in Canada are usually more dopey, hail-fellow-well-met and passive aggressive; stealth-pigs, if you will. This guy's a straight-up antagonistic, disgusting pig, which, in truth, is an American style. It really is a new low for Canada. Better DO something about it. Hell,if I pressed charges every time I got my ass squeezed or my dick felt up in a bar or party I mean, there ARE other ways to handle minor unwanted contact with out running to tell daddy.

If he's a civilian, slap away.

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I would hope that, if not, then the very emphatic back-hand he'd get from me would be as lightly considered. NO man should touch ANY female without their permission. End of story. And I include an expected handshake. To compare this man putting his hand on a woman's butt, no matter how briefly, to a butt pat on a child or between football bros is moronic.

Pat on the ass

The relationship of the patter and pattee, and the context are different. Are you now ok with 50yo male teachers butt patting his 15yo students? Are you now ok with the bum on the street butt patting your sister on her way to work?

Project Pat - Make Dat Azz Clap (Feat. Juvenile) [Original / Explicit Album Version]

How many seconds or amount of pressure til the patter crosses the offensive? You say it's such a brief contact, it is benign.

Is a pat on the bum sexual assault?

Why don't we push the envelope a bit and include the breasts? How about millisecond intentional breast grazing, that ok, too? Breats and butts, they are equally lumps of muscle and fat, right Thomson pointed out she puts herself at risk of being sued by making the public allegations against Ford.

sorry, that has

Guys who are prone to fool around this way - and every office has these types - invariably have a history of inappropriate acts, either physically or verbally, or both. Sorry, Sarah, but passing a lie detector test would prove no such thing.

Mar 29,   At first blush, it seems strange that the hetero bros of Major League Baseball congratulate each with a loving (but totally not gay) pat on the ass, but such is life in the wonderful world of baseball. The practice is so ingrained in the sport (and in sports, in general) that most players participate in it unwittingly. Mar 26,   The team's superstar called for an isolation play, waited for the clock to dwindle down, and sank a fadeaway jumper at the buzzer. The players began celebrating. The hero of the game rushed to the bench, pumping his fist and giving high-fives. While doing this, his teammates started slapping him on the butt, one after another. Description: Pamela Morrison is happy to show up and show off her body for all you team skeeters out there. And boy are we lucky to experience this sexy teen up close and personal. She turns around to flaunt her bodacious ass and gives it a few pats to let us know she is all abouta fat cock inside her cunt.

An indication, yes, but a sociopath or nutbar who actually believes what he or she is saying might actually pass a polygraph test. Thomson also implied His Honour was spaced out on some substance, which is another matter entirely.

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And this guy is the Mayor? I think this says a lot about his character, or lack of it. I don't know if this could rightly be categorized as a "sexual assault", but his behavior was way, way out of line. There's been rumours about Ford using cocaine at public events - specifically at last year's St Patrick's Day - for a while.

Thomson specifically mentioning cocaine is an effective shot at him. The mayor kept quiet today. He's going to regret messing with her. That is the more important story.

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