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With you obama is a ass seems

Obama denounces 'quiet tolerance' of sexual ass...

Now he wants to pocket every single penny and make America a welfare nation ready for communism. Fucking Obama. God dammit to hell for all these idiots that elected this jackhole. Fuck me. I HATE his nasty-asshole wife, too!!! I found your site and got a real chuckle out of your joke! Obama is not stupid and knows a lot more than you all think.

Little Hitler needs his cyanide tablet. He is incapable of taking the medicine he justly deserves on his own merit.

He seems to have only two working parts- his mouth and ass which seem to be interchange able. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Michelle Obama buys apple pie

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Facebook Twitter Email. But he ordered chocolate shit smoothie. Low Life pervert.

JOHN June 26, Curtis Coulter July 1, Dianna June 26, Mumzie June 27, Always wonder who the puppeteer is. Luci June 27, Gary J Smith June 27, Yes; how amazing that a total ass would act like a total ass! Well said. James R. Currier June 26, Gerald Grant Martin June 27, Jana D. June 27, Good one. Michael Neibel mikeneibel June 27, Tica, you nailed it. Feelings are supreme with progressives not thoughts. Xango June 26, Tom June 27, If his goons tried to take my phone, it would have made the nightly news.

Jun 26,   Obama throws a hissy fit for not being treated like royalty on his trip to get smoothie. There's a story floating around the internet that claims Obama was witnessed making an ass of himself in Public. The story says that he was at a smoothie shop "acting . Looking for the ideal Obama Is An Asshole Gifts? Come check out our giant selection of T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers and More. CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. Free Returns Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shipping. Obama nigger gets his ass handed to him by Bret Baier (show with hot, HUMAN wife) in Fox News interview. The Presidential Turd stain sucked in his gut, pushed his bull nigger head forward, and swaggered onto the set for his first (and maybe last?) formal interview with Fox news. As you know, the beast has ooked in the past that Fox News is an.

Abtz June 29, Sue June 27, Denver Girl June 27, DoninElyriaOh June 27, DaveW June 27, CCblogging June 27, Dan June 27, John F Grychak June 27, Gerald Ladd June 27, So funny and quite appropriate! Guess all you forgot who put us in this hole.

Your buddy "W" He will go down as the worst president in history. Be proud you voted for him. You must be about 13 with the education of a dog at dog training school to believe that "W" statement. I'm old enough to know what has happend over the last 50 years.

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Every time we put the Democommunists in we loose jobs, communist Unions gain power, taxes go up etc. When he wasn't getting or giving a blow job he was selling our technology to the Lippo group so N. Korea and the likes now have a guidance system for their shitty delivery platforms for their dirty little bombs. Now we made some gains with Bush Jr. Oh yes the Socical Security and us old folk are draining the country? Boys and girls. Those of us who have been paying into the Fucking Socaial Security all our lives are not where the money has gone.

We are only getting some of the money we paid in for years back. The rest is going to fucking stupid dope sucking skumbags on Well Fare. Yup stole our money and are stealing yours to pay for another fatherless kid so the stupid bitch can collect a little more money to buy crack with. Fuck Democrats. And fuck all of you Socalist fuckers.

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Lets get this cival war on! Stop all food supplies to the stores so you fuckers can kill each other over the last can of tomato soup in the store. I'm well supplied and way way far from the city. Here is what was in a San Francisco paper just a few days ago.

something is. Thanks

Quote: Shame on you hunters for killing innocant animals for food. Why don't you just go to the store and buy it where it was made in the first place Now that's why Obama the Traitor is in the White House. By the way. When some of you make it out of the city to here to steal you will eventually wind up on my table, "in a round about way. Sweet dreams assholes! I hope all you white people who voted for this piece of shit in the White House are happy now that he is destroying the country!!

Unfortunately, we African Americans, are not an objective race of people!! Just think back to the OJ Simpson trial! I am embarassed as a minority to have this half black probably muslim jerk as president!

This JERK has been groomed for years by our adversaries to bring down America and he's getting away with it!

Open your eyes and look deeply into his course of action and who his friends are. Observe with clear eyes and intellect what he and his "people" are doing to this Nationl.

His Treasonous actions are obvious. He is an embarrASSment to our country and our for-fathers, I cant stand his ugly lying asshole mug.

Thank you for another great article.

consider, that you

Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such information.

Athens Hotels. Vote out every damn one of them, before you lose your pension and medicare. I wonder if we could just wipe the white house? Obama licks my Catholic Republican rectum. The worthless piece of shit isn't an American, he was born in Kenya and is therefore illegally the President. He's also a Muslim and a Communist, both useless. Fuck the asswipe for using taxpayer funds for abortions! I knew more about economics at age 2 than this useless motherfucker will learn in years, ditto for every other Democrat pollutant idiot.

regret, that

Fuck every illegal Spick, union moron, welfare junkie and queer who voted for the shit-for-brains joke of a lawyer. I too Googled: "Is Obama an asshole? I'm really at a loss to explained the current condition of our country. Obama is a fucking communist, nothing more than a liberal prick trying to redistribute the money from people who earn and deserve it to lazy, stupid public aid parasites.

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The news media continue to prop up the fucking democrats. The problem with socialism is that at some point no one is willing to keep working to support everyone who won't. Fuck Obama he's a welfare motherfucker. This filthy primate is sytematically destroying America with his presonal jihas.

apologise, but

Weaken monetarily yes the chimp has, weaken militarily again the monkey has and weaken from within the chimp will commit genocide of the white race thru ethnic immigration. This minkey will bankrupt America so that we can all live like boys in da hood aimless and dependent upon a hand out. People need to rise up before we lose our freedom.

Obama is a ass

We are already losing our religious rights with this healthcare law. As a proud catholic, I will never pay for another persons abortion. I'd like to see Obama try to make me. I will go out swinging. Be sure to vote for the right party this time around. He has killed this country by land sea and air please campaign against him he is just not close to having intelligence to run a business never mind a country Russia has our space program we cannot drill for oil example he stopped transcanada pie line and stopped all entrepreneur working For USA Canada uk know he is a Placebo and working for.

If this was Egypt he was trying to run they would have this black asshole hanging from a fig tree. Like it or not, we are going to get 4 more years of this Asshole. To many blacks who will vote for him just because he black. He is half white half black, so they are voting for a white guy too. Let us not forget the illegal immigrant who brought their child here and their child was given amnesty by Executive Order because the child had no choice but to follow their parents.

Which is exactly the reasons he wants people dependent on the government. Europe is one big septic tank and the U. Give our dogs a break. Of all the detestable things one would hope never to encounter is the Ofecesbag supporter who still believes the Disease in Semihuman Form infesting the White House is "doing a good job. I know! Obama is SUCH an ass. And where the hell was he when our ambassador was murdered in Libya? Was he on some golf course?

Or did he help the assholes plan the attack? You sounded like an f-ing liberal, and then you sounded smart. I figured he was part of the Muslim brotherhood. Or pals with Osama bin Laden. Well, he is Bill Ayers's wingman.

Asshole Obama! Sadly, there was too much dirty play. I won't be. I voted for McCain in '08 and Romney in ' Me and my family despise most Dems. I have not found obamaisanasshole. You should check it out. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! What about Osama? Or Orama if you are a drunk reporter.

Or mabye his real name, Frank Marshall. That fucking Kenyan mother fucker.

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Mother fucking piece of shit!!! I googled 'Obama should be killed' and clicked something called www. Obama had some piece of shit blog. This mother fucker has no damn class. He said that he would pack a gun on election night to kill himself if he lost. However, we know the gun was really to kill Mitt if Mitt Romney won. It's not good that you voted for him, but at least you recognize that you messed up.

Now you know not to make tha mistake again. Why couldn't the idiot keep her legs crossed? If she had kept her legs crossed, America might still be happy. He's exploiting children to push his gun-free America agenda.

Obama Flies Off The Handle, Makes TOTAL ASS Of Himself In Public

He deserves armed guards. His kids deserve armed guards. But innocent people should be forbidden from protecting themselves.

Oct 12,   Now, Obama's Secret Service code name is "Renegade," not "Agent," so we assume they were referring to the lady who was standing in the aisle, blocking everybody's glorious view of Barack O'Penis, which is the Secret Service code name for Bamz's dick Author: Evan Hurst. Obama is a sorry ass racist. See more. Obama Foreign Student ID Columbia University. School Id Hate School Thing 1 Way Of Life God Bless America We The People Stupid People That Way In This World. Purportedly Barack's Columbia U student card identifying him as a Foreign Student. "Our first Kenya born foreign student president who had. Nov 01,   You are going to regret calling Obama an ass hole. Just wait until you get constipated then you will find out just how important your ass hole is. Obama is less than an ass hole. I believe that his mother had sex with a cammel and is nothing but cammel escrament that through some sort of fate started breathing and became some type of life form.

In fucking Opposite World. The REAL reason he wants to ban guns is so that no one can shoot him when he tries to become dictator. But you know, screw that. You are going to regret calling Obama an ass hole. Just wait until you get constipated then you will find out just how important your ass hole is.

Obama is less than an ass hole. I believe that his mother had sex with a cammel and is nothing but cammel escrament that through some sort of fate started breathing and became some type of life form. Asshole doesn't cover it. Here is every kind of Democrat: asshole, assface, assclown, asscrap, ass-shit, asshead, asscloud, and ass. Obama is all of these. I found a joke, but it's not quite as good as the asshole joke.

A teacher asked her class,"What are some things you need at home? Another replied "Cleaning supplies. I don't need anything.

other variant is?

He replied "Nope. When Barack Obama was reelected, my dad said,'That's the last fucking thing we need. Michelle is the biggest Narcissist after her husband.

She ruined the ending to my Oscars show. They are like a Regime getting into what is no their business. They are not celebrities and I did not want to see her but Jack Nicholson announce the winning movie. People this is just the beginning of their control empire.

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